Lee Burridge

Acclaimed British artist Lee Burridge has a long and successful career in which he has managed to position his name among the most popular in the industry.
His musical journey has led him to travel the world creating successful projects in places as exotic as Hong Kong and Thailand. But its consolidation came with the legendary ‘Tyrant’ nights at the well-known Fabric club in London, along with revered DJ Craig Richards.
Since 2011, Lee’s popularity has grown from his ‘All Day I Dream’ project – A concept depicted in label and daytime parties aimed to create unique atmospheres through the most melodic and melancholic sounds of House and techno.
The popularity of ‘All Day I Dream’ has grown to such an extent that its concept has been required by celebrated international events such as the Picnik Electronic and mexican, The BPM Festival

Listen to his live session at Burning Man Festival 2016: